Russ Praises John Mayer As “The Smartest Person” He’s Ever Met


Though some have made it their life’s mission to slander Russ and his good name, the rapper continues to stack up wins. Most recently, the self-declared King Of Soundcloud took home another platinum plaque for the Scott Storch-produced “Wife You Up.” Though he has often made headlines for doling out the FADE to those disrespecting his good name, Russ has quietly thrived as an independent success story. Yesterday, the rapper linked up with Big Boy for an in-depth conversation, one that has already been gaining traction for its authentic nature. 

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Though he often moves solitary, conversely to his allegiance to the wolf, Russ has linked up with such names as Scott Storch and Meek Mill. In case you missed it, Meek previously invited Russ to the studio during the Championships sessions; by his own admission, they bonded over a “lightweight argument.” “I’ve always respected Meek, and his persistence and his hustle, you know?” begins Russ. “The truth he gives. I always admire people who are willing to say the truth regardless of the ramifications. Meek is fire, and I feel like Meek is finally getting his flowers.” 

The Meek talk segues nicely into a conversation with another real one. “I had a really insane conversation with John Mayer, who is maybe the smartest person I’ve ever met,” explains Russ. “His texts are straight out of spiritual self-help books, but with humor and wit. Just the most insane…And he’s doing them fast! And such profound things. I asked him something along the lines of ‘how do you adjust to this? Cause I keep a foot in the regular world, I’m still hanging on to not being famous. He responded with the most simple profound shit. He just said, ‘take your jacket off.’ It’s so true. Settle in, take your jacket off. It just made sense and effected me.”

For more from Russ, check out the full video below. It’s truly an inspiring conversation, but let’s be honest – what else can you expect from Big Boy TV?


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