Russ Shares Unreal Beginning & End Of Decade Performance Footage


You don’t have to like Russ but you should respect him. The man loves to remind us that he does everything himself from mixing, producing, rapping, singing, composing, arranging, designing, and everything in between. He’s been an easy target for rap fans after some of the comments he’s made about drug use and the industry as a whole, but on the low, he continues to boast an organic fanbase made up of millions of supporters around the world. Russ can spin the globe, choose a random country, and sell out their largest arena. That’s the stage he’s reached but, at the beginning of the decade, nobody was checking for him. He posted a direct juxtaposition of his shows back then and his performances now, pointing out the stark contrast in audience size.

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

When Russ first started getting serious as a performer, there was almost nobody in the crowd at his shows. As he learned the ins and outs of the business, he started to attract more and more fans though, eventually ending up where he is today. Celebrating the end of the decade, Russ posted a comparison of what things used to be like and how they are now.

“Beginning of the decade…end of the decade. What a journey it’s been,” he wrote. “Considering where this next decade is starting at, I’m excited. thanks for all the support. 2020 and beyond OTW!!”

Are you planning on hitting a Russ show in the new year?


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