Russell Simons Refers To HBO Sexual Assault Documentary As A Lie


HBO Max recently dropped off an official trailer for their forthcoming documentary about Russell Simmons’ sexual assault accusations, and now the music mogul is speaking on it.

The documentary has been mired in controversy, and despite this, HBO has continued to move forward with the release of the documentary. As we reported, Oprah Winfrey was originally on board as an executive producer but she’s since withdrawn– as has Apple TV– leaving HBO Max to hold the mantle solo. It’s worth noting, however, that Winfrey did say her withdrawal wasn’t because she sided with Simmons, but rather because she didn’t agree with the creative direction of the doc.

The documentary, titled On The Record, first debuted at the Sundance Film Festival but is slated to hit HBO Max for all to view on May 27th. Ahead of that, Russell Simmons is sharing his thoughts on the controversial documentary once again, with HHDX.

In a statement to the publication, Simmons stated:

“The stories are 25 to 40 years old. I have taken nine lie detector tests, seven by the president of the California Polygraph Association. Any reporter with any interest in the truth can find it out and they are starting to do so. God will sort that out. A lie can get so big that the truth is forced out.”

He continued, “The world needs truth and reconciliation, but the black and brown communities need a new diet. My book has tons of soul food recipes that will combat the many health disparities that exist reversing the sicknesses caused by the poison that we traditionally eat. We need to build our immune systems so we can survive this. We are in a health crisis and we must address it.”

He added, “I have constantly taken ownership of having been a massively unconscious ‘playboy’ or by today’s more accurate discrimination, a womanizer. But I have never been violent or done anything that could be called illegal to any woman.”



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