Russell Westbrook Opens Up About Paul George Thunder Trade


Russell Westbrook and Paul George were seemingly joined at the hip last year as they made their way through another disappointing season in Oklahoma City. While the team had an admirable regular season campaign, they just couldn’t get it done in the playoffs and as it turns out, the loss weighed on the likes of George. As soon as he got an opportunity to, George bounced from OKC as he was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers in exchange for draft picks.

Not long after George’s departure, Westbrook decided it was time to leave the Thunder as well and requested a trade. Westbrook ended up reunited with James Harden in Houston and seems to be happy about his new squad. In an interview with Rob Mahoney of Sports Illustrated, Westbrook opened up about the George trade and how he felt about his friend asking for a trade.

Al Bello/Getty Images

“I can’t be surprised if me and Paul were in communication the whole time,” Westbrook explained. “So I wouldn’t say I was surprised at all. I’m all for doing what’s best for my teammates. If Paul felt like it was time for him to move on and explore options, then I’mma back him. That’s the type of relationship we have.”

So there you have it, Westbrook seems to be totally okay with George’s decision. Ever since KD’s departure from OKC, that team has been a ticking time bomb and PG’s trade was the final straw. As they move on and rebuild, both Westbrook and George will be in positions where they could end up with championships.


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