Russell Wilson Gets Turned Into Baby Yoda And Fans Are Loving It


Russell Wilson is having himself a pretty phenomenal season. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback is consistently mentioned in the MVP conversation and has led his team to a 10-2 record. Last night, the Seahawks defeated the Minnesota Vikings by a score of 37-30 and, of course, Wilson was a huge reason for that. While Wilson was playing great, a meme surrounding the QB was beginning to gain traction online. T

Baby Yoda has been all the rage these past couple of weeks and has been starting to own a monopoly in the meme economy. Almost all memes being made these days are based on the cute Star Wars character and now Wilson himself is getting the Baby Yoda treatment. In the tweet below, you can see Wilson’s features placed directly onto the green creature and somehow, it became a huge trend with numerous Seahawks fans making it their profile photo.

The meme was able to acquire so much traction that even the Seattle Seahawks Twitter account changed their AVI to the image. Wilson was recently made aware of the meme and apparently, he thinks it’s pretty cute. The power of the internet can be overwhelming sometimes but when it gets behind some harmless fun, you can’t help but smile.


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