Sada Baby Keeps The Gems Coming With “Say Whoop”


Within the span of the past five months, Sada Baby has dropped two mixtapes:Whoop Tape in September and Brolikat the top of January. He could be focusing his energy on promoting these projects, which each contain more than fifteen tracks. But Sada Baby doesn’t look to the past. He bulldozes ahead at full speed. So instead of making music videos for songs off those tapes, he continues to shoot videos for new tunes and keep it moving. It’s almost difficult to keep up with his output, but it’s all of such high quality that you’ll make sure not miss a moment. You’ll opt for YouTube over your preferred streaming service just so you could listen to that exclusive Sada. 

The latest dump from the Detroit denizen is a video for “Say Whoop”. Similar to most Sada Baby visuals, it shows him getting faded in a house with the homies. The camera remains focused on him the whole time, so you can watch the wild facial expressions that accompany his characterful raps. 

Quotable Lyrics

Little hoe just did some weird shit, made me block her
Keep that bitch using no hands, playing soccer
Grab that bitch with both hands, had to touch it
Pussy almost so good, speak in public


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