Sada Baby & King Von Join Forces On “Pressin”


It’s tough to keep up with Sada Baby’s music releases, but I’m not complaining. The man dropped two projects in 2019, Bartier Bounty and Whoop Tape, as well as a bunch of loosies. He started off 2020 by dropping yet another tape, Brolik, and now he has put out another song! Sada Baby is a machine. 

Of course, quantity doesn’t equate to equality, but with Sada Baby, every song remains sharp. He spits with fervour, never wasting a bar to say something that isn’t bold, hilarious or witty. His new track, “Pressin”, is no exception to this pattern. Sada Baby hoots and hollers across the booming beat and King Von matches his collaborator’s momentum. 

King Von hails from Chicago and is signed to Lil Durk’s record label, Only The Family Entertainment. He dropped his debut, Grandson Vol. 1, in September.

Quotable Lyrics

You stuck your neck out for the wrong n****s, now you bout to lose it
Now you half dead, now you bleeding out, you losing fluid
I got twin choppers, look like Bin Laden, they congruent
If they send Sada, Im’ma end oppers with this Ruger 

– Sada Baby



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