Sada Baby Releases “Brolik” Mixtape With G Herbo, BlocBoy JB, & More


Sada Baby doesn’t stop hustling. Just a few months ago, the Detroit rapper dropped the Whoop Tape. As if that weren’t enough to hold us over for a while, Skuba Steve has already returned to start off the new year strong with a fresh mixtape.

Uploading Brolik to mixtape-sharing platform DatPiff, Sada Baby’s new body of work features a number of other buzzing stars, including Hoodrich Pablo Juan, BlocBoy JB, Fredo Bang, G Herbo, FMB DZ, and more. Containing sixteen songs, the project runs for just under a full hour. Sada Baby’s unique blend of styles continues to intrigue potential fans, keeping people coming back for more. Hopefully, he’s able to follow Bartier Bounty this year with another equally-solid album.

What do you think of Brolik?


1. Press Up
2. Triple Threat Match (feat. Skilla Baby & ShittyBoyz Babytron)
3. Kut N Kordial
4. WWF
5. Bison Dele
6. 8 Legged Ape (feat. TEC)
7. Toxic (feat. Fredo Bang)
8. 7 Mile Shuffle
9. The Big Red Whoop (feat. FMB DZ)
10. Bully Ball
11. Red Whoop
12. Baklava (feat. G Herbo)
13. Mood (feat. Skilla Baby)
14. Brolic
15. Fuck Slime
16. SkubaHoodBlocKlub (feat. BlocBoy JB & Hoodrich Pablo Juan)


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