Safaree Samuels, Known For His Fur Collection, Takes Anti-Fur Stance


It seems that we’re approaching the end of an era for Safaree Samuels. The reality star is known for his love of furs and in 2019, he even attended a pro-fur rally that made the local news in New York City. At the time, there was an anti-fur bill on the books and Safaree made his voice heard as he stood against the measure. However, he’s changed his tune since watching a few Netflix documentaries, particularly Seaspiracy, about the decimation of ecosystems.

The Love & Hip Hop New York star shared his thoughts on Twitter. “The fishing industry is going to end the world,” tweeted Safaree. “The illegal fishing and killing of dolphins and whales going on in Japan is unreal. Sharks will soon be extinct. I never knew how important sharks were to our waters until I watched seasspiracy on Netflix.”

He then took aim at his previous fur addiction. “To the FUR world I’ve been ignorant 2 alot of things going on in our planet,” he added. “But now I will make a change and stop supporting the killing of any wildlife and the extinction of living things. I wish the police would feel like this about killing unarmed black men,but this is a start.”

We’re sure PETA will accept him with open arms. Check out his tweets below.

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