Safaree Samuels’s Alleged Robbery Suspect Takes Plea Deal


In early 2018, Safaree Samuels was caught off guard and robbed at gunpoint. Surveillance footage showing the frightening moment was released and on it, viewers can see the Love & Hip Hop New York star at his vehicle before two people approach him, brandish, a weapon, and pilfer through his pockets for cash and jewels. Safaree reportedly had $180K taken from him that day.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

It didn’t take long for authorities to arrested three men in connection to the armed robbery: Carl Harry, Shawn Harewood, and Tacuma Ashman. It’s reported that Harewood and Safaree knew each other and police assert that the attack was premeditated. Harewood and Ashman are lined up to go to trial this December, but Harry wanted to avoid the courtroom altogether. Harry faced 20 years in prison for his handful of charges, but he decided to cut a deal with prosecutors to dodge a lengthy prison sentence.

According to TMZ, the terms of Harry’s deal is that he pleads guilty to a felony and in exchange, he serves 364 days in jail. Following his release, Harry will be on probation for five years, and his remaining six charges he was facing would be dropped. Safaree will have to wait to learn the fate of the other two men who were allegedly involved in his robbery. Check out the surveillance footage of the disturbing moment below.


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