Salma Hayek Poses Naked Mid-Acupuncture For Her 12 Millon Instagram Followers


If you’re one of Salma Hayek 12 million followers on Instagram, consider yourself lucky. She just celebrated hitting the 12 million mark by treating her fans to a nude image while getting an acupuncture treatment. She captioned the picture with a statement in English and Spanish to cater to all her followers, including the Hispanic fanbase — stating ”a needle for health and well-being representing each million of you.” 

Fans were praising the Mexican actress‘ image, but also claiming disappointment as she was not completely nude. One of her followers jokingly said ”That’s not a very good picture of where all the needles go, could we get a better one please… for medical purposes of course.” Maybe more nudity will entail more followers… but that will go against Instagram community guidelines. 

If this image isn’t enough, watching a movie with Salma Hayek should do the trick, considering she’s very open about nudity and is not afraid to showcase her stunning physique. Her movie Fridais reflective of the actress’ open-mindedness, and we’re not complaining.

Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images

Some of the comments on her Instagram post are highlighted below,

”Shivers running up and down my spine”

“Salma, you’re beautiful inside and out!”

and a personal favorite,

”You are so, so sexy mujer. So sexy. You should not be allowed on the cemetery. Even the dead will sit up and take notice of yours beauty.”

Although she doesn’t necessarily pose for public acceptance, Salma Hayek Pineault will always know how to please her fans — or in this case, thank them appropriately for their support.


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