Sasha Obama Could Reportedly Make Millions Off TikTok If She Wanted To


Earlier this week, former President Barack Obama’s youngest daughter, Sasha, went viral after rapping along to a City Girls song on her friend’s TikTok page. Just by her very presence in the video, it was a booming success. Since then, there has been a ton of speculation by influencer-marketing professionals that Sasha could make millions each year if she started her own account.

It hardly takes a professional to predict that Sasha’s hypothetical TikTok account would be a huge financial victory for her. Based on the reactions by simply being featured in someone else’s video unannounced, its obvious that her lip-syncing abilities alone could take her the next TikTok sensation.

Joe Gagliese co-founder and CEO of Viral Nation told TMZ that Sasha could effortlessly gain 10 million followers in her first year on TikTok if she posted consistently, and could earn upward of $5 million annually off of endorsements. While he hasn’t tried to recruit her to his agency yet, he admitted that he would be stupid not to try. Similarly, Mae Karwowski, the CEO of Obviously — another influencer-marketing agency — backed up Gagliese’s statements, saying that she could rake in six figures “immediately,” and could charge ridiculous amounts for brand deals. 

Because Sasha is so private and has managed to keep such a low profile since leaving the White House, she is something of a hot commodity among social media marketing moguls.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images