Sauce Money Warns Diddy & Jay-Z Their Time Is Coming


“Backdoor politics” as usual. At least that’s how Sauce Money, former collaborator of Jay-Z and Diddy, feels about their business practices. Having worked with Diddy on songs like “I’ll Be Missing You” and Jay-Z on “Reservoir Dogs,” Sauce Money is no stranger to the megastar moguls. For Sauce, the animosity with Diddy goes way back; he recently dissed Puff on wax with “Love Tap,” accusing the mogul of being stingy with the royalties among other cardinal sins. Now, following Diddy’s recent speech at the Recording Academy, highlighting the importance of “respecting black music,” Sauce has decided to call out hypocrisy. 

Scott Gries/Getty Images

“Just watched Diddy Icon acceptance speech at the Recording Academy and I can honestly say I respect the message, just not coming from him,” writes Sauce. “He practices the same backdoor politics against his own people. Him and his friend Jay-Z. If the Grammys are on the clock, then ya’ll are too!”

While he neglects to provide any concrete examples, his pot-stirring warning will likely raise a few eyebrows. Especially given that many are inherently distrustful of industry higher-ups. Whether Sauce’s message proves to be foreshadowing for a greater unraveling remains to be seen. Is this man speaking facts or merely spouting bitter musings? Sound off below. 


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