Sauce Walka & Sada Baby Connect On “Slime In Chalk”


Sauce Walka has delivered his brand new album Birdz Hunt Snakes, a twenty-track release featuring guest appearances from Sada Baby, Trippie Redd, DaBoii, Sosamann, and more. This one arrives directly on the heels of another new album in Sauce Train, making this particular week a fruitful one for Sauce Walka fans. 

On Birdz Hunt Snakes closer “Slime In Chalk,” Sauce Walka unites with Detroit rapper Sada Baby, a rapper with whom he shares an appreciation for authenticity — not to mention a habit of voicing opinions that occasionally land them in hot water. In any case, the pair have solid chemistry and the track makes that clear, with both parties turning in menacing verses over piano-fueled production. With Sada and Sauce Walka having equal time to shine, there are plenty of menacing bars to unpack from the stylistically diverse duo, whose varied cadences combine make for quite an interesting pair. Sada, calculated, unpredictable, and prone to sudden maneuvers; Sauce, explosive, in-your-face, and direct. 

Check out “Slime In Chalk” now, and if you like what you hear, remember that Sauce Walka has considerably more where that came from. 


N***a piss me off at 5, he gon’ die at 8
I love every animal on Earth except for rats and snakes
I’m a country-ass pimp I love shrimp and steak
My daddy went on TV and broke Ricki Lake 
Your daddy was a bitch, he went to church every day

– Sauce Walka