Saweetie Announces New Project “Coming Soon,” Asks For Collaboration Suggestions


The last update we got on Saweetie was that she once considered dropping out of music to work at a hospital in her home stomping grounds of The Bay area. “I started going on job interviews for hospitals and I was lying on my application,” she said. “They would offer me these positions, and right before I would agree to be hired, or whatever it was, my heart just didn’t feel right.”

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Considering the 26-year-old’s success in the last year alone, it’s safe to say she’s all kinds of happy that her family stuck by her side and supported her as she fought for her dream. The “My Type” rapper’s latest share to Instagram gives her fans an update on her upcoming project that’s “coming soon” leading her to ask her fans just one question: “who should I collab wiiiit?” The photo shows Saweetie’s dope high top Nikes as she’s lounged in the studio – check it out below.

“I don’t know what I would be doing without someone like my grandma in my corner,” Saweetie added about her come-up and almost giving up. “I’m not conscious about being classy. I’m not conscious about being smart. I think I was just bred that way.”


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