Saweetie Declares Sampling Her “Specialty,” Says She’ll Sample For The “Rest Of My Life”


Saweetie has responded to criticism of her music from fans who claim she uses samples too often in her music. In a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she remarked that fans can expect “Lots of samples,” from her next project, to “Make the people mad.”

When asked to elaborate, she explained that she plans on sampling for the “rest of my life” and that the technique is her specialty:

I think greatness makes people uncomfortable. And I think people try to come up with excuses to not like me and to make themselves feel better about their life. I don’t get as offended as I used to, because there was a point in time where I was dragged for, like, two years on social media. I was trending on Twitter for some bullshit every other day. I never defended myself, because I’m not really a social media pop off-er—I’d rather just pop off in person. So overcoming those obstacles and those negative viral tweets was just to work super hard. I’m gonna sample for the rest of my life; it’s my specialty. Tons of people sample, but my samples just get the most recognition.

Saweetie, Samples
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Saweetie’s newest single, released earlier this week, shows the rapper coming at her ex, Quavo, after the two publically parted ways, earlier this year. Check out “See Saw” here.