Saweetie Flexes Her Hellcat Following Quavo Repo Rumors


Saweetie has been in the news quite a bit as of late following her breakup from Quavo. While it seemed like things would be cordial between the two, it’s clear that things have gotten a bit messy over the past few weeks. It all started with some subtweets between the two, which was eventually followed up by footage of the two fighting in an elevator. Now, there have been rumors that Quavo sent a repo man to pick up the Bentley he bought for Saweetie and in a recent snippet, he seemingly confirmed the rumor.

While Saweetie has denied these claims, there are fans out there who are running with what Quavo is saying, and as you can imagine, she isn’t too amused by it. In fact, Saweetie is looking to get ahead of the whole thing and over the weekend, she took to her Instagram story to show off one of her prized possessions.


Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Casamigos

In the Instagram clip below, you can see Saweetie showing off her gorgeous black Hellcat while playing some Stevie Wonder in the background. The car is looking pretty damn good and while Hellcats aren’t the most expensive car on the market, they are certainly a statement piece for any car collector.

Hopefully, for Saweetie, fans will stop questioning whether or not she can get these cars on her own.