Sebastian Stan On Playing Luke Skywalker: “Don’t Want To F*** Up That Character”


Fans have long wished and prayed for Disney to cast Sebastian Stan as Luke Skywalker. Stan looks a lot like Mark Hamill, who brought the famous character to life in every Star Wars film Luke appears in. However, with Luke’s recent appearance in The Mandalorian, fans are clamoring to get Stan into the mix now more than ever. It’s obvious that de-aging Hamill won’t work for an entire series, and Stan already has a Disney contract due to his involvement with the Avengers series as Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier.

Stan was asked about the rumors and speculation that he’ll one day play Luke by MTV Asia (about 6:65 into the video). Sadly, it doesn’t seem like the Stan/Luke vision is in play right now over at Disney. “I always certainly hear about [Luke Skywalker rumors] and I’m always slightly confused because I’m like if there are these conversations happening, why isn’t anybody calling me about it and having a conversation with me about it?” Stan told MTV. “Like anybody, I grew up on Star Wars, and for me, Empire Strikes Back was like one of my favorite movies. And Mark Hamill is one of the most iconic personalities and Luke Skywalker’s an iconic character, so obviously, it doesn’t sound like it’s my choice. It doesn’t feel like it’s up to me. Whatever that needs to be will sort itself out, and if it includes me in any way, hey — who knows.”

He continued on to opine about a possible plotline for Luke. “Like where does he go, what happens to him? I think those questions would be really interesting,” Stan stated. “And of course, it’s another one of those things where you’re like, ‘Well, you don’t want to fuck up that character. You want to get that one right.’ But anyway, we’ll see.”