Selena Gomez Gets “Rare” Tattoo Amid Desperation To Beat Roddy Ricch On Charts


Selena Gomez dropped her third solo studio album, Rare, last week, and the singer decided to show how much the project means to her with some new ink.

Selena took to Instagram to share her latest addition, a neck tattoo of the word, “Rare,” written in cursive. She included a photo of her freshly inked neck and a vintage-filtered video of her first reactions’ to the artwork, and revealed in the caption that she “did it again.” Selena visited Bang Bang Tattoo Parlour in New York City to get this work done. Bang Bang shared a photo of the ink on their Instagram account as well with the simple caption, ““Rare” @selenagomez.”

With the release of Rare, Selena joined the ranks of famous pop stars desperately begging for streams in order to beat hip hop newcomer, Roddy Ricch. Okay, she and ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber may be the only artists to engage in these very specific chart-hungry antics so far, but Roddy has still somehow managed to put two of pop music’s most successful artists (and, coincidentally, two exes) at risk of not debuting at #1 within the span of two weeks. While Justin was attempting to dethrone Roddy’s breakout single “The Box” with his own comeback track, “Yummy,”  Selena resorted to begging her fans for streams in order for her whole album to debut at #1 on the charts, upon finding out that Rare and Roddy’s album, Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial, were neck-and-neck.

Selena also revealed that she was heading to Walmart, Target, and Best Buy to buy as many physical copies of Rare as possible and of course encouraged her fans to follow suit. She even questions if she’s “kind of desperate for doing this” in the clip.

Roddy, of course, caught wind of this, and, just as he did for “Yummy,” jokingly told fans to “stream rare by selena gomez.” It looks like the power of Roddy Ricch cannot be underestimated. 


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