Selena Gomez & Hailey Bieber Spotted At Same Restaurant, Drama Erupts


On Friday, Selena Gomez released her first album in over four years, Rare. Several of the songs chronicle the falling-out of her long relationship with Justin Bieber and the aftermath of her coping with it. After she shared the album’s first single, “Lose You To Love Me”, Hailey Bieber was suspected of throwing shade at Selena for making not-so-subtle references to her husband on the song. Given these circumstances, a run-in between Hailey and Selena has the potential to be somewhat awkward. 

While we can’t confirm that Hailey and Selena dining at the same restaurant on Saturday night (Jan. 11) resulted in an awkward encounter, we can confirm that it sparked some drama online. TMZ reported that both of these stars dined at Craig’s in West Hollywood that evening. Hailey was there with her friend, Madison Beer, around the same time Selena was inside. Selena supposedly left an hour before Hailey’s party did, but there was some overlap in the time they spent at the restaurant.

A fight did not break out between The Biebs’ mutuals, but Selena’s fans tried to stir up some controversy anyway. Selenators flooded the comments of Madison Beer’s last post, shaming her participating in a ruse to spoil their idol’s album release weekend. Beer defended herself by explaining that it was merely a coincidence that Selena happened to be at the same resto. “i just had dinner with my friend hailey of 10 years… and that’s it?” she wrote in the comments. “how is that a crime? i love selena.. always have … and i would literally never in a million years try to upset her??? this is just mean and unnecessary and nothin happened.” 

Selena also weighed in to put her presumptuous fans in order. “This wasn’t intentional whatsoever,” she wrote. “I’m so disappointed that people would speak to someone like this … There is no issue.”  


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