Selena Gomez Is Done Making Sexy Music Videos: “It’s Not Really Necessary”


Selena Gomez dropped her third solo studio album, Rare, on Friday, and the pop singer was surprised when the music video for her song “Hands To Myself” off of her last album, 2015’s Revival, was played at the launch party. “I didn’t know you were going to play the video,” Selena revealed, embarrassed that her 6-year-old sister Gracie was present at the event. The “Hands To Myself” video definitely provided some of Selena’s most sexual and explicit visuals, which she addressed further, expressing her intentions moving forward as an artist. “I told my sister I will not be doing videos like that anymore,” she revealed. “It’s not really necessary, in my opinion.” 

Last fall, Selena released the tracks, “Look At Her Now,” and “Lose You To Love Me” (which many speculate are about her ex, Justin Bieber), in anticipation for Rare, her first studio album in 5 years. Speaking about how much she’s grown between Revival and Rare, Selena said, “That’s like saying what were you like from 20 to 25 — there’s so much that happens. I feel like it’s not better, but a piece of work that I think is better. And you can tell I’ve evolved so that’s good….I’m very, very excited [to release Rare] more because of my fans. I think for me they’ve all walked through so much of it and I almost felt this was my gift because now you can understand what’s going on in my head a bit and I missed the connection music has.” In terms of what’s going on in her head, Selena addressed dealing with depression and anxiety as an artist: “I’m happy and a little confused still, but so happy I went through that,” she admitted. “In order for the people to see I’m not a victim. … I don’t need to act in the manner of always getting down at myself.” Check out the music video for the title track from Rare below.


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