Serpentwithfeet Delivers On His Long-Awaited Sophomore Album “DEACON”


One of the most innovative and genre-defiant artists currently out, serpentwithfeet has finally returned with his long-awaited and highly-anticipated follow-up to his stellar debut soil. Three years later, the Los Angeles-based artist has unleashed his sophomore album DEACON, which features the previously heard “Same Size Shoe” and “Fellowship.” Similar to soilDEACON features 11 tracks, but apart from that, serpentwithfeet’s latest album finds the artist in a completely different creative place.

Trading in the fantastical and Shakespearian songwriting of soil for a more straightforward style of expression, DEACON expertly displays serpent’s growth as an artist since his 2018 debut. The sonic variation is one of the album’s most impressive aspects upon first listen, as the production transitions from the spacy and dreamy soundscapes that the Los Angeles-based artist is known for to contemporary Hip-Hop beats, traditional church-style production, and hints of flavors from music around the globe.

DEACON arrives on Secretly Canadian, and it features songwriting and production contributions from NAO, Lil Silva, Sampha, Batu, Justus West, Brandon Juhans, and production duo Take A Daytrip. With a runtime of right under 30 minutes, serpentwithfeet’s sophomore outing practically begs for back-to-back listens, so stream the new eleven-track album below.


1. Hyacinth
2. Same Size Shoe
3. Malik
4. Amir
5. Dawn
6. Sailors’ Superstition
7. Heart Storm (with NAO)
8. Wood Boy
9. Derrick’s Beard
10. Old & Fine
11. Fellowship