Seth Rogen Has Been Quarantining With An “Ungodly” Weed Stash


Anybody familiar with the legendary Seth Rogen, widely considered a Canadian National treasure at this point, knows that the man consumes weed like the rest of us consume water. It’s easy to assume he’s high twenty-four hours of the day, especially given that the world has been on a self-imposed lockdown for the past month or so — a month that happens to include thirty-days of four-twenty, at that. As Rogen explained during his recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s “Live From His House” segment, the isolation period actually hasn’t been quite so bad…for obvious reasons.

Seth Rogen Weed

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“We are not all in this together, because this has not been that bad for me,” Rogen explained, donning an Alanis Morissette sweater for the occasion. “I’ll be totally honest. This has been fine. I am built for this. I’ve kinda been self-isolating since 2009.” When Kimmel inquires as to how he’s been passing the time, Rogen reveals that he’s been smoking “a truly ungodly amount of weed. More than normal. Thank God it’s been declared an essential service. For me it’s essential. I don’t think I’ve ever willed a law into existence more than that one.”

“The fact I have no kids is making this a truly not that bad experience,” he admits, uttering his iconic laugh. “I will be lying alone on my death bed after not having talked to anybody for fifteen years, and I’ll be like ‘it was worth it for that coronavirus shit.’ Me and my wife had a lovely time.” Rogen also confirms that his parents have been safe in Canada, which he describes as a “slightly better functioning country at the moment.” “That’s their slogan, actually,” quips Kimmel. 

Check out the full interview below. 


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