Seth Rogen & Seth MacFarlane Roast Charlize Theron At Award Ceremony


According to Variety, Charlize Theron was honored with the 33rd American Cinematheque at the Beverly Hilton on Friday night. Before being able to accept the award, however, Theron had to endure a roasting from presenters Seth MacFarlane and Seth Rogen. 

“Charlize, it sounds like a brand of champagne popular with rednecks in Florida” opened MacFarlane. He continued praising her past roles, “When she threw herself into the role of a real-life monster, playing a woman who committed unforgivable acts without conscience…Charlize completely embodied the essence of Megyn Kelly.”

Seth Rogen picked up from there saying, “She hangs out real late. She does not require a lot of sleep to function and I actually think it helps her acting. That like pained, complicated look that you all think is emotional depth, she’s just fucked up from the night before…that, is choking back vomit.”

He went on, “The worst thing that can be said about her is that I am the one presenting her award right now. This is f–king pathetic Charlize. You’ve been in movies with Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves, Will Smith, you’ve alienated all your co-stars so much, me and Seth MacFarlane are the best you have?”

Theron’s roast finally ended and she thanked her friends and family as she accepted the award.


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