Sevyn Streeter’s Management Shuts Down Fan Who Got Handsy With The Singer


Artists often push limits when they bring fans onto the stage for one-on-one interaction. Things can start off innocently, like that of Lady Gaga who recently wrapped her legs around a fan’s waist on stage, only for him to lose his footing. The pair fell into the crowd and Gaga’s landing looked hard and painful. Janet Jackson and Ashanti are known to bring men on stage with them, sitting them in chairs as the singers rub all over their bodies. YK Osiris recently asked a few women in the audience to give him lapdances which resulted in the singer almost losing his pants. Performers pull out all the stops to give their fans a show while making them feel as if they’re involved with the production, but not everyone wants their admirers to get handsy.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

YK Osiris may have been just fine with a woman pawing at his body, but that wasn’t the case for Sevyn Streeter. She’s known for penning tracks for fellow artists like Chris Brown, Fantasia, Ariana Grande, Usher, and K. Michelle, however, Sevyn is a talented singer in her own right. She was recently performing in Atlanta and decided to bring up an unsuspecting young man who was seated as Sevyn sang while giving him a lapdance. 

The man must have had flashbacks of being at the strip club because he began touching on the singer, but her management wasn’t having any of it. From the side of the stage, he quickly comes out and makes sure the fan doesn’t get touchy-feely. “I don’t play about my clients!” Brandon Farmer wrote. “Lol keep ya hands to yo self.” Sevyn commented on the move and cited Keke Palmer’s recent meme when she wrote, “Sorry 2 dat man….” Meanwhile, there were a few people in the comments who thought if she didn’t want to be touched, she shouldn’t have been grinding on him. Check out the clip below.


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