Shannon Brown Can’t Help But Drop Heart Eyes Emojis On Monica’s Latest Photo


Singer Monica and her estranged husband, BIG3 baller Shannon Brown, have nothing but love and respect for one another. Unlike many other celebrity couples whose marriages unravel while the world watches, the couple has avoided crass soundbites or questionable interviews. Monica and Shannon were married for nearly a decade and share two children together, as well as Monica’s other kids that Shannon treated as his own. News of their divorce shocked fans, and over the course of 2019, Monica shared details of what led to their split.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

“I think life changes really got the best of both of us at times. I take accountability for what my part is,” Monica said back in August. “I’m a very outspoken woman and I’m learning how to be more of a listener than just speaking what I feel ’cause he also went through a lot of different life changes. He survived a major car accident, but that also changed the course of what’s happening career-wise. He playin’ in BIG3 and some other stuff. I think it took a toll because I probably didn’t have enough around us to help us just facilitate what needed to happen. But, it is what it is.”

The singer dropped the last name “Brown” from her social media pages and has embraced her single status, but Shannon’s recent Instagram posts have given some people pause. First, Shannon shared a photo of himself with Monica while she gave the camera the middle finger. “When people don’t know to mind their own business…,” he wrote in the caption. Then, over on Monica’s Instagram page, she posted a series of modeling photos on Monday. Shannon slid in her comments and let it be known that her new pictures have made him feel a certain way.

In one comment he just shared over two dozen heart eyes emojis, while in another he wrote, “That stare does something to me !!!!!” Will there be a reconciliation with the Browns? Who knows, but Shannon isn’t being shy about showing a little love to his ex.


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