Shannon Brown Posts Shirtless Photo With Promise To “Tone Up” Following Monica Divorce


Shannon Brown and Monica finalized their divorce just a couple of weeks ago. The ending of their marriage gave Shannon their Atlanta home while Monica made off with two luxury cars and full custody of their three children. Days after both Shannon and Monica became single again, the “So Gone” singer shared a number of tastefully nude images on Instagram showcasing her new beginnings.

Despite their divorce, Shannon still took notice of his ex-wife’s posts and even re-posted her photos to his Instagram with the caption: “What you say ?!?!?!?!” 

Shannon has now taken it upon himself to share a shirtless post to his Instagram feed making it clear that he’s about to take care of his own frame. “It’s time to tone up some !!!!!!” he captioned his post. 

“Even though I’m on reality tv, I’m in front of people, there’s certain parts and elements of it that I’ve never discussed because when you get married, it is between the two of you and whatever happens within it, it’s us and God,” Monica previously said of her and Shannon’s separation. 

“And we fight the good fight because we have children watching us. So the reality is that, no matter what happens, he will always get my absolute respect, gratitude and also my assistance in being a part of whatever his life becomes.”


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