Shannon Sharpe Eviscerates Orlando Scandrick For Eagles Hate


Orlando Scandrick has been going on an “F you” tour ever since he was cut by the Philadelphia Eagles. Scandrick was a member of the Eagles secondary and was eventually cut due to a string of awful defensive performances. The former player has taken it upon himself to be the Eagles’ most vocal critic and has turned his situation into a recurring analyst gig on FS1’s Undisputed. Scandrick received the call of duty on Monday because his former team lost in the playoffs the day before. As you can imagine, Scandrick was incredibly disrespectful of the Eagles, much to the dismay of Undisputed co-host, Shannon Sharpe.

Sharpe immediately began defending the Eagles while pointing out that Scandrick was only criticizing them because they cut him. Of course, Scandrick refuted this premise but Sharpe was unrelenting, noting that Scandrick gave up a play on 3rd & 30. Scandrick tried to defend himself but Sharpe couldn’t be stopped.

It remains to be seen if we’ll ever see Scandrick back on Undisputed. He seemed to be upset with Sharpe’s critiques and even refuted some of his dubious stats. Regardless, it made for some truly entertaining television that all of Twitter was anticipating. Perhaps Scandrick will think twice before hating on the Eagles again.


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