Shannon Sharpe Hilariously Annoys Skip Bayless With “GOAT James:” Watch


Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless have quickly turned themselves into one of the best duos in sports media as their chemistry has created some hilarious moments on FS1’s Undisputed. If you’re a fan of the show, then you know Bayless can be a huge LeBron hater at times, while Sharpe is one of the biggest James stans you will ever meet. When James has a good game, Sharpe likes to bring out his “GOAT James” character which tends to trigger Bayless to no end.

After two straight triple-doubles during the Lakers recent road trip, Sharpe saw fit to bring the “GOAT James” outfit out of the closet. This time around, Sharpe decided to keep the LeBron jersey at home but he did keep the signature GOAT mask and cigar hanging out of the mouth. Not to mention, there was a chef’s hat on the top of the GOAT head.

As you can imagine, Skip was rolling his eyes and was done with the segment before it even began. Bayless tried to make some Kawhi comparisons but it was too much as Sharpe went to bat for his favorite player. Considering how well the Lakers have been playing this season, it’s easy to see why Sharpe would want to go this hard. At 5-1, the Lakers look as ready as ever to win the title.

If the Lakers keep it up, Skip will have to get ready to see more of that mask.


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