Shaq Hilariously Roasts Kyrie Irving Over Nagging Shoulder Injury


Kyrie Irving has been out for quite a while now thanks to a shoulder injury that doesn’t seem to be healing very well. Last night, the Nets were missing Kyrie quite a bit as they lost to the New York Knicks, 94-82. It was a pretty horrible game for the Nets and fans took notice. During TNT’s Inside The NBA, the crew was very critical of Kyrie, including Shaq who made sure to roast him about his shoulder.

Of course, Shaq is infamous for his Icy Hot patch commercials. In the clip below, Shaq recommended the patches to Kyrie while also telling him to “man up.” It seems as though Shaq isn’t a big fan of Irving’s prolonged absence from the team and would like to see him push through it.

As of right now, it is being reported that Irving’s injury is a lot more serious than originally believed and that he can’t even engage in contact right now. A hurt shoulder makes shooting a whole lot harder so it’s easy to see why the Nets would want to exercise caution with him. The team is without both of their superstar free agent signings which is making their season a whole lot harder.

Perhaps Shaq would exercise some compassion if he were in the same situation.


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