Shaq Hilariously Tackles Charles Barkley In The Wrestling Ring: Watch


The Inside The NBA crew are by far the most entertaining NBA analysts on TV and for good reason. They are always making viewers laugh with their wacky and wild antics that never cease to amaze us. You can pretty much always count on them to do something weird and wild on their show and last night was absolutely no different. Perhaps you can even say that yesterday contained the most antics in the history of the show and we’re thankful for all of it.

First off, it all started with Charles Barkley and Shaq making oral sex jokes. Then, it all devolved as Chris Jericho from AEW came into the studio to promote the new wrestling league. In the clip below, Shaq and Chuck got a little too excited as they began fighting each other. Shaq came out victorious as he put the moves on his arch-nemesis. I guess that’s what happens when you keep slandering the women of San Antonio.

Shaq and Chuck couldn’t stop laughing the whole time and looked like a couple of kids in the sandbox trying to pull off wrestling moves they had seen on TV the night before. Overall, it was extremely entertaining and it’s this kind of content that keeps us coming back to Inside The NBA time and time again.


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