ShaqIsDope Returns With Summer Vibes On “Cali Love”


Toronto rapper ShaqIsDope has been hustling in the music world for a long time and throughout the course of the last few years, he has been able to sustain a loyal fanbase who is always ready to listen to whatever he decides to put out. Most recently, ShaqIsDope came through with a solid jam called “Cali Love” which will have you yearning for those summer days.

With some scintillating piano lines, wavy synths, and crisp drums, ShaqIsDope lays out a soundscape for us to daydream to. From there, the artist wraps about a woman he is trying to spend some time with as they are in the paradise of California. It’s a song to put you at ease and make you yearn for a time where things are much easier.

You can stream the track in its entirety, below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Cali sunshine, palm trees, that’s something I paid for
Know that baby I can give you what you need, just don’t say no
Know you feel the breeze we at ease, what you gotta wait for
Pull up on you right now, case closed, I say so