Sheck Wes Dances For Joy After Crashing His Lamborghini


Car crashes are no joke. As we’ve seen over the past year, drunk driving and car accidents, in general, have taken the lives of many people, including Frank Ocean’s young brother Ryan Breaux. Those who can walk away from bad crashes — like Swae Lee or more recently Jackboy — are lucky to be alive, and Sheck Wes is the latest artist to have experienced a similar fate.

So what’s one of the first things he does after surviving what could have been a horrible accident? Dance his heart out.

After banging up his Lamborghini Huracán Performante sports car in what Wes reveals to have been a mere hydroplane, the MUDBOY rapper took the moment to revel in his fortune and bust out a celebratory dance in the rain.

A mere thirteen hours prior to posting that video, however, he had just been teasing “GFU,” the recently released YSL track that features Yak Gotti and Yung Kayo as well as a guest appearance from Wes. 

All in all, Sheck appears to be in a great mood as of late. After going “undrafted” in the NBA draft last fall, he spun his misfortune into a timely promotion for his single “#BEENBALLIN” and a successful signing to the Paris Basketball Team. Now, it appears that he’s simply keeping that same energy after avoiding what could have been a terrible situation.