Shocking Video Shows Bystanders Lifting SUV Off Pinned Pedestrian In NYC


Headlines over the past week have been rather bizarre and extremely tragic, but this past Sunday (Jan. 26), a group of New Yorkers restored a little bit of faith in the world when they came together to helped free a woman pinned under a vehicle. The New York Daily News was able to obtain a report from the NYPD stating that a 65-year-old woman in a Mercedes SUV struck a 25-year-old woman after making a right turn at an intersection in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. 

The accident caused the pedestrian that was hit by the SUV to be trapped under the vehicle unable to free herself from her unfortunate disposition. Fortunately, multiple bystanders that witnessed the accident stepped up, gently lifted the vehicle, and helped the young escape from underneath the car. 

The nearby-New Yorkers were able to keep the 25-year-old calm until authorities arrived on the scene. While under the care of the firemen who arrived at the scene, the woman was seen visibly conscious and on her phone. She was later transported to a nearby hospital to be treated for minor injuries including abrasions and bruising. 

As for the 65-year-old SUV driver, she will have to appear in court for failing to yield at an intersection. Thank the powers that be for all parties being able to leave this unfortunate accident with their lives and shout to the pedestrians that came together to help another patron in need. 

Check out the clip of the bystanders lifting the vehicle off of the young woman in the video provided below. 


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