Shotti Clears Air About Treyway & His True Feelings For 6ix9ine


Reports surrounding the downfall of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods and 6ix9ine’s cooperative ways have been abundant, with many assuming that the incarcerated rapper has essentially burned the bridge for good. Yet by his own admission, Shotti claims to have loved 6ix9ine in a paternal fashion, a feeling he expressed through a phone conversation with Esha of Hustle and Love.

“Another day, another dollar,” says Shotti, his spirits sounding largely unaffected by his current situation. Explaining that an appeal is within his constitutional rights, Shotti reveals that he’s been doing his due diligence in brushing up on federal law. “I’m not just a quote-unquote gangsta like how they trying to portray me,” he explains. “That’s how the world is, they don’t want to hear the truth. They want to hear what sells…My actions speak louder than a lot of words.” As the conversation pivots to Treyway, Shotti maintains that he’s been misunderstood in the media. “Anybody who knows me knows I’m loyal. I’m here for being loyal.”

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

“I have five sons, I think about my family before I make any more,” he continues. “Not as much as I should have when moving in these streets…Anybody trying to judge me has to realize, I looked at these people as my family. It was never about the money, I was never a broke individual. It was always about the love for me, and the fact we could take it to another level.” 

Staying positive, Shotti reminds the people that he’s not doing a life sentence. “I’m coming home,” he says. “This is what happens when you go to jail. People try to discredit you, take your shine. You can’t tarnish something this bright.” He also clears the misconception that 6ix9ine was the sole reason for his misfortune. “I’m in here with most of my friends,” says Shotti. “These dudes ain’t have anything to do with what happened. We didn’t come in here cause of this Danny guy. We came in here cause a quote-unquote gangsta didn’t want to do the time for his shit. And the kid told. I’m not mad at him. I’m not mad at him.”

“Did Gotti think Sammy The Bull was built like that?” asks Shotti. “It’s never obvious…You don’t judge a person off what the world says. I judged him by his character. I loved him. Maybe my love for him blinded me. Even with that being said, I never thought he’d be involved with other people, make falsehoods, and get people taken away from their families. Ish was just a driver, he never carried a gun, never robbed nobody. He’s doing five years. They said Melli sold drugs, Melli never sold no drugs. Everybody knows that.” 


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