SiR & His Brother D Smoke Wow Soul Train Awards Crowd With Unforgettable Performance


SiR and D Smoke brought their A-game to The Soul Train Awards last night. SiR performed two songs, “Hair Down” and “John Redcorn,” both seamlessly and full of feeling for the star-studded crowd. “Hair Down” was performed with SiR standing centerstage flanked with choreographed dancers behind him dressed like flight attendants. The TDE singer sang the lyrics “baby I’m just tryin’ to let my hair down” earnestly as the flight crew dances to the music with old school moves. Meanwhile “John Redcorn” was delivered with D Smoke on the piano and SiR standing alone at the mic with a spotlight on him. Rhythm + Flow winner D Smoke gives a brief intro to “John Redcorn” before SiR starts exhibiting the type of vocals you hope to hear at The Soul Train Awards.

SiR Performing At Soul Train Awards 2019
Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images 

SiR’s soulful lyrics pull on the heartstrings and stay in your head well after the songs are over. This is the type of performance that can make you feel a way and definitely want to press repeat. SiR and D Smoke’s memorable performance has already been seen by over 41,000 people on YouTube since last night. If you didn’t catch the moment live press play on the video below.  


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