SiR & TDE Camp Get “King Of The Hill” Treatment On “John Redcorn”


Inglewood singer SiR has proven himself to be one of TDE’s most valuable players, with his recent album Chasing Summer solidifying him at the height of the modern R&B tier list. And while the project held many smooth slow burners and deep cuts, “John Redcorn” has endured as a bonafide fan-favorite. It’s no wonder that SiR and company have pulled out all the stops on his new visuals, heavily inspired by Mike Judge’s beloved series King Of The Hill.

Those attuned to the TDE hype-train may have already caught a glimpse of Black Hippy reimagined as Hank, Dale, Bill, and Jeff — a cameo that has already sparked conspiracy theories about full-length albums and the works. Yet for the most part, “John Redcorn” remains SiR’s show, following his animated avatar as he navigates the dangerous waters of attempting to make a cuckold out of poor Ab-Soul — albeit to his own detriment in the end — and navigating the troubled waters of unrequited love. 

Be sure to check out the full clip now, especially if you’re a King Of The Hill fan — did SiR deliver visuals up to the standard of “John Redcorn?” 


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