Ski Mask The Slump God Goes Absolutely Bonkers On “Carbonated Water”


It’s not uncommon to hear this new generation of rap critics lament a “similarity” in sound, particularly in emerging artists. Yet Ski Mask The Slump God has bucked the trend in a major way. Since his first arrival onto the scene with “Catch Me Outside,” a madcap take on a Timbo & Missy Elliot classic, the Slump God solidified himself as a zany and original character in an overwhelmingly expansive cast. Though some might have expected him to explode beyond his current status, Ski Mask has remained a fascinating artist, consistently explosive in his delivery. 

Today marks the arrival of “Carbonated Water,” a Ronny J produced banger tailor-made for his intensity. One thing you’ve gotta love about Ski Mask is his commitment to his outlandish sense of humor, one that features no shortage of Geek-friendly references. The musical equivalent to a hallucinogenic Saturday morning cartoon binge, Ski Mask’s “Carbonated Water” is a reminder that the Slump God is gearing up for something monumental. 

Quotable Lyrics

Pussy makin’ sounds like a otter tail in water
Why you try to hit me? Like I was a driver
Lucky things on me, n***a, like I play Frogger
Yes I try to lick her, I’ma egg nog her
Try to kick it with her, Messi, no soccer
Spongebob pet, Gary, I’m a slimy motherfucker
Lookin’ for a Fairly Odd mother, like my name Crocker
Green Goblin, no, the Grinch, stealin’ out the stockings


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