Skinnyfromthe9 Addresses Recent Video Of Him Getting Jumped: “I Was Set Up”


Earlier this month, a video of Skinnyfromthe9 surfaced online, in which the rapper could be seen getting beat up by a group of men. In the disturbing clip, one of the culprits demands that Skinny “take the chain off,” indicating the presumed reason that he and his boys were jumping Skinny.

While it isn’t evident from the video whether they were successful in this endeavour, Skinny wanted to clear the air himself on what really went down. On Thursday, Skinny shared an IGTV video in which he explains the circumstances of the incident, and discloses that he was set up by his buddy.

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“I just wanna let everyone know it didn’t go down the way y’all see,” he reveals. “I was set up by someone I thought I could trust, a close friend. He told me to come to his birthday party and I did.  I just came by myself and one of my friends. When I got there, there was like 20 dudes waiting for me outside, but I hadn’t picked up on it yet. I got up out the car, and that’s when 20 guys, two times bigger than me, just all attacked me.” He confirms that these men took all of his belongings out of his pockets, including his jewelry.

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“I’m just one person, I can’t defend myself from 20 people,” he confesses. “That video was taken after all the other guys were already done hitting me so it could look like I was defenseless or a coward to two people. So that’s not how it went down. I just want to know, what would you guys do?” He goes on to criticize the “tough guy act” that people adopt in response to situations like these and denounces the bad reputation he’s gained from all of his public altercations in the past, including a scuffle with YBN Almighty Jay from last February. To conclude the tell-all, Skinny condemns clout-chasing and vows to move forward in a positive way.


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