Skinnyfromthe9 Apologizes To Fans For “Reckless” Behaviors & “Being A Fool”


When it comes to disreputable headlines, Skinnyfromthe9 knows a thing or two. The young artist has been tied to plenty of scandals including a street brawl, calling out 50 Cent, being detained in handcuffs after Cardi B’s Fashion Nova event, being assaulted in a restaurant, and accusing YBN Almighty Jay of robbing him. At every turn, it seemed as if Skinnyfromthe9 was involved in yet another dramatic incident, so recently he took to his Instagram to issue a public apology to everyone who has supported him including his fans and his team.

Skinnfronthe9, real name David Alex Villegas, shared that he isn’t proud of the way he’s behaved in the past. “I was going through a lot of problems off camera. I was young, dumb, had a lot of money, and I just wasn’t thinking straight. I messed up a lot of my relationships and those were never my intentions. I gave a lot of negative things energy. People who didn’t deserve my time and energy. I let them get the best of me and it really affected me to act out some type of way on social media which I never should have.”

He added, “I think I deserve a second chance. I been working my ass off. I’ve been shooting lots of videos. I been making lots of music and I’m only human. We all make mistakes, but I think we all should forgive. Like I said, I’m sorry for everything I did. For all the dumb stuff I said. For all the clout chasing, all the dumb stuff I did. I should have never done it.”

There were a few who didn’t believe that the rapper was being genuine, but he insisted that he was speaking from the heart. Watch his message in full below.

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Just wanna move forward 🙏🏼

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