Skinnyfromthe9 Doesn’t Want Your Tears In New Track “Don’t Cry”


Skinnyfromthe9’s latest drop opens with a woman flirtatiously telling the rapper: “Damn OB, you went crazy on this one.” Despite this catchy opening line, Skinny is arguably his most tame on this track, as he delivers the theme of identifying fake friends as toxic forces in his life with a noticeable calmness. Rapping with soft, auto-tuned-emotion over a simple yet infectious beat, Skinny calls out all the traitors he’s surrounded by in lines like “Talking bout some loyalty, they got none,” and “They gon’ love you then they switch because of jealousy.” 

It should not be lost on anyone who knows Skinny that he has been involved in plenty of scandals, all of which he has addressed in a recent Instagram video. In his apology, Skinny acknowledges that he has been reckless and irresponsible in the past, pointing to the bad influences in his life as the sources for his own bad behaviour. “I gave a lot of negative things energy. People who didn’t deserve my time and energy. I let them get the best of me,” Skinny notes.  It is these “negative people” and the time he wasted with them, that he seems to be alluding to in “Don’t Cry.”

In the chorus, Skinny belts out with a distinct passion: “Don’t cry for me when I’m gone/Don’t cry, you wasn’t there from the start/Don’t cry when you see that I’m gone/Don’t cry I don’t want any of your love.” The message, then, becomes clear: Skinny is done with the backstabbers, and this track, along with the inherent pledge in his apology video to do better indicates that, without this negativity, it’s only up from here.

Quotable Lyrics

And if we ever get caught up you know I’ll never fold
I remember all them nights that I was in the cold
I was locked inside my basement I was writing songs
I’m not stopping ’til I see that f*cking Grammy gold


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