Skip Bayless Angrily Defaces Ezekiel Elliott Jersey After Cowboys Loss: Watch


If there is one thing that you need to know about Skip Bayless, it’s that he loves his Cowboys. The FS1 host has always been a huge homer for Texas sports teams but the Cowboys have always been special to him. On Undisputed this year, Bayless has been defending the Cowboys at every single turn and has been a particularly huge fan of quarterback Dak Prescott. Bayless also loves running back Ezekiel Elliott and during his holdout, the sports analyst was begging Jerry Jones to give Zeke his cash.

Elliott has had a rough season and during one of the last plays of the game in a loss against the Vikings on Sunday, the running back got tripped up and messed up a scoring opportunity. Bayless was fed up after the game and posted a video himself throwing his Elliott jersey right in the trash.


Fans on Twitter were quick to point out that Bayless is probably overreacting here but it’s clear he is just a bit more than passionate. We’re sure as the camera stopped rolling he went right back into the trash can, fished the jersey out, ironed it, and put it back on his hanger. 

Bayless was trying to go viral on social media and low and behold, it worked.


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