Skip Bayless Answers Whether Or Not Eli Manning Is A Hall Of Famer


Yesterday, New York Giants fans were in a state of grief as Eli Manning announced his retirement from the NFL. Over the last few seasons, Manning struggled on the field but was still considered a legend thanks to his two Super Bowl wins which came against the almighty New England Patriots. Despite his success, Manning finished his career with the same amount of wins as losses. He also led the league three times in interceptions which isn’t exactly something to be proud of. 

In light of his retirement, NFL fans are debating whether or not Eli belongs in the Hall of Fame. Today on FS1’s Undisputed, Skip Bayless made the case for why he thinks Manning should fall just short of the gold jacket.

“If you have to ask or second-guess it for one second, you’re not in,” Bayless explained. “I will give you the ‘Hall of Very Good’ for Eli Manning. He was very good, he just wasn’t transcendent.”

Manning’s inclusion in the Hall of Fame will certainly be debated for years to come. Manning is a polarizing figure and no one knows for sure of the answer. If he does make the Hall of Fame, you can’t exactly be mad at it. He won two Super Bowls against arguably the best player ever. With this in mind, he deserves at least some sort of recognition.


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