Skip Bayless Explains How Kawhi Leonard Made LeBron Look Foolish


Skip Bayless had something against LeBron James from the very beginning. Ever since LeBron entered the NBA, Bayless has been on his case and won’t seem to give him any credit when he deserves it. Meanwhile, Bayless has been a huge Kawhi Leonard fan even if Leonard broke his heart by requesting a trade out of San Antonio. Now that both players are in Los Angeles, Bayless has pitted them against one another and continues to find spins on why Leonard is, in fact, the better player.

Today on Undisputed, Bayless tried to make the argument that Kawhi made LeBron appear “foolish” after his performance against the Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron scored 31 points against his former team a couple of nights ago while Leonard scored 43 points in just 29 minutes. For Bayless, this is all he needed to see.

“Kawhi made LeBron look foolish last night,” Bayless said. “This is how you do it vs a bad team: score 43 in 3 quarters and take the 4th off. LeBron scored only 17 through 3 quarters and stat padded by pouring it on the poor Cavs with 14 more pts in a blowout game in the 4th.”

If these two meet up in the playoffs, we can only imagine what kind of narratives Bayless will get off. Should the Lakers win that hypothetical series, we’ll be looking forward to Shannon Sharpe’s reaction.


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