Skip Bayless Hates On LeBron Following “The Last Dance” Debut


Skip Bayless has hated LeBron James since the day he stepped foot on an NBA court. Bayless just so happens to be a huge Michael Jordan stan, which is a term I typically don’t like to use. However, with Bayless, it truly comes across that way. With Bayless’ MJ fandom in mind, it’s easy to deduce why he has some beef with LeBron. Simply put, he feels like LeBron is a threat to MJ’s legacy. 

On Monday, Bayless made sure to take some swipes at LeBron following the airing of the first two episodes of “The Last Dance.” In the docuseries, we get a glimpse into the mind of Michael Jordan as he tried to win his sixth championship. At the time, MJ was facing scrutiny from every direction, particularly from the Chicago Bulls front office. As Bayless explains, this is something LeBron never would have been able to overcome.

“If you’re talking about GOAT, you can’t even qualify LeBron for the discussion because he’s suffered so many meltdowns that Jordan never would have suffered,” Bayless said. “There’s no way Jordan would have come apart the way LeBron did in his last go-around, his first stop in Cleveland when his owner accused him of quitting, as he melted down in Games 4, 5, and 6 against the Celtics [in the Eastern Conference Semifinals) and bowed down ingloriously his first time around in Cleveland and got his jersey burned.”

Bayless’ take this morning could be seen coming from a mile away so we can’t say we’re surprised. Regardless, it never ceases to amaze us how consistently wrong he’s able to be.


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