Skip Bayless Promises To Wear LeBron James Jersey On One Condition


Skip Bayless has been known as a bit of LeBron James hater over the years and whether it be on First Take or Undisputed, the man has remained consistent. Despite being one of the best players to ever grace an NBA court, Bayless has had his fair share of criticisms for LeBron, particularly the idea that he isn’t clutch down the stretch. Bayless’ hatred for LeBron has led to some pretty hilarious roasts from celebrities and other players alike. George Lopez recently got in on the action, suggesting Bayless should wear a LeBron jersey if he leads the team to a championship.

The Drip God himself went on Undisputed this morning and addressed Lopez’s challenge directly. As Bayless explained, he is willing to don the jersey but LeBron has to be sure he wins himself the title first. Otherwise, the odds aren’t looking too good.

“If in fact your man LeBron is able to carry these Lakers to a title at age 35, I will come out here not only in a 23 Laker jersey, but I’ll get me a fake little wig,” Bayless said.

If this were to happen, it would truly be an iconic moment in sports talk television history so we’re crossing our fingers that it eventually happens.


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