Skip Bayless Responds To Ezekiel Elliott’s Mom After Recent Twitter Spat


Skip Bayless had Twitter, especially Dallas Cowboys fans buzzing on Sunday night when he threw his Ezekiel Elliott jersey in the trash after a bad performance. It was a ridiculous video that Bayless was promptly criticized for. He was also called out by Zeke’s mother, Dawn, who claimed how she never wanted to Bayless where her son’s jersey ever again. Of course, this was weighing on Bayless’ mind and he ended up addressing the situation on Undisputed today.

As you can see from the clip below, Bayless was expecting Dawn to react the way she did and is hoping Elliott can turn things around this upcoming weekend. “I loved @itz_mizdee‘s reaction. I would’ve expected nothing less. My greatest hope is that next Sunday Zeke will go for 220 yards and I can retrieve #21 out of my trash,” Bayless said.

Dawn quickly saw the clip and shared a photo that she has on her nightstand which includes both Bayless and Zeke. “I haven’t thrown out the pic, even though MY mother asked me why it was still on my nightstand,” Elliott said. 

This whole exchange has been pretty hilarious and we’re sure old Drip Bayless is just a little shaken up by it all. We can just imagine what it will be like when Bayless meets Ezekiel Elliott in person next time.


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