Skip Bayless Revels In Aaron Rodgers’ Pain Following NFL Draft


Green Bay Packers fans were absolutely stunned last night when the team traded up in order to draft quarterback Jordan Love. Of course, for the last 15 years, they have been blessed with the presence of Aaron Rodgers who is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. It appears as though the Packers are already planning for the future and fans seem to think this move is very premature. In fact, they would have preferred it if the team had drafted an offensive weapon for Rodgers to throw to.

Undisputed co-host Skip Bayless has spoken at length about Rodgers’ decline and on Friday, he did so once again as he reveled in the fact that the Packers now have plans to move on. As he told Shannon Sharpe, Rodgers isn’t even good enough to make it in the league until 40 years old.

“Aaron Rodgers just got slapped in the face,” Bayless said. “The Packers are thinking the future could be sooner rather than later.” Bayless has always had some sort of grudge against Rodgers although it’s probably because he has dominated his Dallas Cowboys over the years. Regardless, there is no denying that Bayless will be happy to see Rodgers out of the league in short order.

As for Packers fans, well, things are about to get interesting next season.


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