Skip Bayless Rips Ezekiel Elliott Apart For His Lackluster Season: Wacth


Skip Bayless is one of the biggest Dallas Cowboys stans on national television and he is always eager to let his feelings be known on the team. Recently, Bayless has been having issues with Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott who was given a massive contract after holding out to start the season. Despite the contract, Elliott hasn’t been able to live up to the hype and instead, it’s been Dak Prescott who has carried the team for the first half of the season.

Today on Undisputed, Bayless decided to go on a lengthy rant about Elliott’s play and explained how Elliott has been a detriment to the offense. Bayless’ words were fairly harsh and performative but honest all at the same time. Based on the clip below, it’s clear the host is sick and tired of seeing Elliott underperform when the pressure is on.

“I know I’m a psycho fan, I know I just lose it during Cowboy games, but I am beating my head against my wall because every 1st down it’s Zeke for 1 yard, Zeke for 2, or Zeke for 0,” Bayless said.

As of right now, the Dallas Cowboys have a record of 6-4 and are just one game up on the Philadelphia Eagles for first place in the NFC East. If the Cowboys want any chance at a Super Bowl this season, they’ll need more from their running back.


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