Skip Bayless Shocks Shannon Sharpe By Finally Forgiving Kawhi Leonard: Watch


For the last year now, Skip Bayless has had a personal vendetta against Kawhi Leonard for the way he handled his injury with the San Antonio Spurs. Bayless is a bit of a Spurs homer and for a couple of years, Leonard was his favorite player. Once he got traded, Bayless felt as though Leonard had betrayed the team and begun referring to him as “number two” all while claiming he wasn’t all that great of a player anymore. Bayless’ co-host on Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe, quickly began questioning him for his takes and finally, he broke.

Today, Bayless got on Undisputed wearing a Kawhi Leonard Clippers jersey and a pair of his New Balance Halloween shoes which dropped today. After teasing a “big announcement,” Bayless confirmed that he has forgiven Kawhi and that he will now refer to him by name. Part of the reason he has forgiven Leonard is because of the way he tricked LeBron into thinking he was going to the Lakers.

Sharpe seemed pretty shocked by Bayless’ announcement although he wasn’t exactly impressed either. Bayless should never have been slandering Leonard like that, to begin with and Skip’s sudden urge to forgive comes across as a way to save face after being proved wrong over and over again.

Leonard probably doesn’t watch Undisputed very often but he’ll probably be happy to know that one less person in the world hates him now.


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